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Mentally Ill Man with Knife Shot Dead by Police in Bremen, Germany

Published on 29 Jun 2020 / In Gore

In the city of Bremen in Germany, a group of four cops ganged up on a mentally ill 54 year old man and threatened him with guns and tazers until he saw no other way out but to pull out a knife he had in a sheath and charge a trigger happy cop.

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nathanaelsss 14 days ago

what the poster said in the description is totally untrue. they told him countless times to take the knife out of his mouth and then they would put away their weapons. at the end, the guy in black who approached him, was summoned by the guy in street clothes via "steven, get pepper spray ready". he then aggressively approached the suspect and the suspect then went after him. even while that took place, they shouted many times "lay down the knife". he didn't stop or laid down the knife

stop lying boy

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